Stage: Main Stage 1570 sq. ft Studio With Green Screen Corner Cyc
Full Day (10 hours)$295
Load/Build day (8 hours)$250
Grip Package (2 ton equivalent) $175
Tungsten Package (Hot Lights)* $350
Stage Manager hourly $25
Package -Special Green Screen All Inclusive
Stage, Lights, Full Grip, Stage Manager per Day
*Lights included: 5K; 2K; 1K; four 2K space-lights
Full Day All Inclusive (10 Hr.)$950
Half Day All Inclusive (5 Hr.)$595
Hourly All Inclusive$175
25k Mole Studio 14” Fresnel65
12k Solar Spot Junior 8” Fresnel45
51K Baby 6” Fresnel35
2650w Fresnel25
1LTM 650w25
4750w Altman 5.5” 20
1LTM 420w pepper 25
2LTM 200w pepper20
3mole mini 200w20
3mole mini 200w focal-spot 20
5inkie 150w 10
11k par Mole 25
1500w par can 20
61k open face15
Soft Lights
4Space Light 2K Ultra-Mini65
4750w Softlite – type 3041 w/eggcrate25
1Koollite Videssence 18” – 3 bank 30
1Cee-lite Flexible light 16” X 24” X1/8” 25
Stands included with grip package
1340" C-Stands 5
2Coleman baby 5
2High roller 4 riser 10
2Junior 2 riser10
2Baby 3 riser5
17 ft baby boom w/ 3riser roller stand15
Clamps / Pipe hangers included with grip package
10Cardillini's 4
12Bogen clamps3
12Baby Pipe hanger2
2Junior Pipe hangers3
Apple Box Kit included with grip package25
124” X 24” X 24” riser
124” X 48” X 6” riser
Sandbagsincluded with grip package
4015 – 30lbs2
Flags & Netsincluded with grip package
42x3 solid3
52x3 solid3
32x3 single3
22x3 double3
618x24" solids3
Framesincluded with grip package
112x8 w/ears & elbows25
18x8 w/ears & elbows20
46x6 fast-fold10
44x4 open frames5
Soft Goods included with grip package
4Black velvet theater curtains: chain weighted 8’wx13’h15
115 x15 Black Velvet for pipe & drape40
112 x 12 Black Velvet w/ grommets 40
Lighting Modifiers
2Chimera 4' X 3' w/ speed ring25
1Chimera 4' X 4' w/ speed ring35
Power & Distro included with lighting rentals
360 Amp Bates to Edison lunchbox
225’ 60 Amp Bates cables
20cube taps
10power strips
Carts included with grip package
1AV cart
Dolly / Tripods included with grip package
1Platform Skate dolly (500lbs max)10
68’ steel round doorway dolly track12
1Manfroto Triaut Tripod – w/ Super-pro 3-way head25
Tables/Chairsincluded with stage rental
26’ Folding legs
15’ Folding legs
436” Square tables
436” Round tables
10black & chrome arm chairs
2directors chairs
Misc. / Tools included with grip package
1Portable table saw
2Skill saw
1Standing Drill press
Tool Shop
Ladders:A-frame 12’ – 8’ – 6’
20’ Extension
Scaffold 10’ high 4x8’ platform on castors

Repaint stage @ $40 per hr. plus cost. Repaint floor (if damaged: $50 all included). Change color from green: $250 (2 day rental minimum) includes paint & labor.